Kano State - Executive Summary

Introduction and Methodology

Between October 2019 and January 2020, as part of the Citizens’ Platform project in Kano, Nigeria, the project team of Aspilos Foundation conducted an evaluation of the public services and amenities in the state and the extent of the access that residents had to them. The team went and randomly interviewed residents all over the 44 LGAs of the state taking care to ensure a demography as balanced as possible. With respect to content, the survey forms were designed to address questions that relate to the existence of public amenities and services in each LGA, the knowledge of residents about their existence and availability and the extent of access residents had to them. We had 1802 respondents which based on the estimated Kano population count of 13,076,892 is a statistically accepted sample population with a confidence level of 99% and confidence interval of 3%. Survey respondents were asked to indicate amenities they had available to them in their homes and LGAs, to indicate if they had observed abandoned public projects and an open form to talk about their efforts in escalating public service challenges to the appropriate authorities was also included.


We found out the following about the services/amenities available to Kano residents:

    65% do not have pipe borne water provided by the government in their homes.

Next Steps

We had two main reasons for creating the survey:

Therefore, we expect that the people of Kano will use this information as background/context to speak with their governments on the identified gaps. We also hope that other stakeholders can use the information for further research, advocacy and planning. Further information on the Kano state budget can be found here and here.

The breakdown for each LGA can be found in the links below according to senatorial districts.